Our Mission


Stories are more than just escapism, more than a way to pass a little time. The stories we choose to tell inform the world about who we are.  Stories are a way to share values and ideas, a way to share experiences and history, a way to learn from others.

We want to share our stories and discuss the stories that have inspired us.  We create content that we feel has meaning, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Everyone has a story, and every story should be told.




Michael spent years in digital entertainment before starting his own business.  He believes that technology has given us opportunities to express ourselves like never before, and he intends to take those opportunities.  After producing shows for Yahoo, AOL, Nerdist, Defy, and YouTube, Michael is ready to tell his own stories.


Come listen to podcasts on a variety of subjects, as we discuss science fiction, history, pop culture, lifestyles and just about everything else under the sun.  You can also find us on all your favorite devices.

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We storytellers want to bring you the best possible entertainment, and devote as much time and resources into these projects as we can.  We welcome any and all support you can give us in these endeavors, and giving a donation or signing up for a subscription can go a long way to helping us create content.


We aren't just storytellers, we're creators.  We have years of experience working at all levels of production and can help you bring your project to life. 


Writing, producing, editing; we can see any project through from start to finish.


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